a-s-s-u-mption: GET IT? its makes an A-S-S out of U

white couple where the white man thinks im spanish, keeps talking to me in spanish likes thats ciquenta when i say 50 gracias when i say thank you

what happened: i kept smilng says my responses in english

what should of happened: sir i dont sppeak spanish and im not hispanic myself and i refuse to tell you what my identity background is. you  should defintiely not assume what someoens race is because it comes with a price that you are not educated.

black dude tries to pick me up on the street as i pass him by, hey grl whats up to no response from me, i keep walking fine then assumlamu alikum to you too!

what happened: i kept walking by

what should of happened; i should of turned around and made fun of him assuming saying i dont talk to BROTHERS i dont know. play on muslim  and familial terminology you call fellow muslim men brothers – even if they are not techincall your brother – familiar terminology – we are like brothers – you call a man who you are good friends  with.


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