Map Weight loss Weight gain Fitness Muscle gain Muscle loss Body Image Bipasha Basu Bollywood Stars Perfection Beauty Western Tall & Thin Sexy Movement Performance For Who? Invitation Dance Group Distortion Imagery Appeal Desire Disturbing Construction Synchronized Robotics Engine Destruction Natural Workout Chants Warrior Do Your Best! Qualitative Excessive Algorithm Breasts Legs Abs Core Abdomen Retroflexive Enthusiasm Excitement Zealous Lattice- work // Mashrabiya patterns 1 19-Elaborate-Latticework-Humayun-Tomb-India “Elaborate latticework located on the grounds of Humayun’s Tomb complex in India. Humayun’s Tomb complex is a popular tourist destination in India.” 2lattice-detail “Clean Scape Innovative ChromaGrit™ Lattice Work Door Mat cleans shoes and boots fast and easy and keeps it’s attractive look all day long. It’s a stylish way to welcome your friends and family home and leave the dirt outdoors” 3 Stone_Lattice_Work_at_Rani-no-hajiro “Stone Lattice Work at Rani-no-hajiro” 4 oval_shape_oriental_lattice_work “The uses of lattice-work in our country are so few, that it is only from the amateur that any departure from the established form and coloring of this work can be hoped. We cannot expect a return to the wrought iron verandah work of the early Georgian period; and the writer has no wish to see the cast-iron work of some of the Dutch villas repeated in England. There, however, it is no unusual thing to see the front of a house almost completely screened by latticed galleries extending along the floor line of every storey from the basement to the attics, and cast-iron is the material used, the designs being generally light in character, and full of that ornament which wearies the eye from its monotony.” 5 Fatehpur-sikri-Latticework-at-Jamamasjid “Lattice-work or Jaali is a technique used to make perforated stone screen, as decorative element in the architecture. You’ll see it generously used in the Fatehpur Sikri’s architecture.” 6 lattice work in Charleston round-lattice-iron-work Questions to consider how does the pattern overlay change or transfigure the meaning of the images lattice are created to create an ornamental visbible yet invisible in between wall – inside/outside in/out self/other, how does this instlattion work in relation to the form? where would this be installed ideally

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