microaggressions: patriarchy

where do i encounter mysogonsim? or forms of patriachy?

it would have to be micro-agressions through dismissive comments, though not overt are what really end of haunting.

But patriarchy a term for social prejudice exists in many forms

Having 17 kids in previous generations was a condition set up by patriarchy. No woman actually wants that many children. How else did it happen? Rape. In a probable situation, the women had no where else to turn. The reductive argument would of been used, well your married to him how could he have raped you? And since you would of already had children from the man, be that he was providing for you, you wouldn’t of said anything.

Another practice of patriarchy is polygamy. Though unheard of in the majority of the Western world except the instances of practicing “old school” Mormonism, pologamy intially started off as a way to “protect” women. Which I guess, it did to some extent women could fulfill their societal role of rearing children while abstaining from financial concerns. However the role of women has complete changed and to practice polygamy now would be to take advantage of the already destitute.

Patriarchy can also be felt in conversation, through the mot nefarious microaggressions. The paritcipant that the snide remark is aimed at might realize in the moment or in the majority of other cases realize afterwards why such a retort or remark was stated. I say “majority” because that’s what usually happens to me. I went on a date with this cute Bengali boy from Arizona. I am not sure of the background or socio-political orientation of Bengalis. From what he



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