how we see terrorists: news media

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

One Tweet Perfectly Sums Up the Big Problem With How We Talk About Terrorism

im kind of troubled that the chapel hill gunned down shooting of 3 muslims is not all over the news

even listening to npr today it was glossed over as the news fludily segued from this event to another about traffic fines, i cant seem to clearly remember the latter becasue i was shocked that they didnt go into details for the event while didnt mind going to into detail for the latter.

do muslims lives not matter? they do– its just thatsociety doesnt accept that as one of its own

^^^^ but is that what it is?

it is also that person — who killed them — had come to their house before with a gun in hand to complain about the “noise” they were making.

a few things, its not the victims fault this happened (of course) but i question why this situation wasnt immediately reported to the police <– would the police have sided on the behalf of the assailant–?

why does radicalism exist? why does hate exist? why does contempt for another person exist?

it is a hate crime to be targeted for being visibly muslim, wearing the hijab. how can something so terrible happen to good people? to people who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of others? they couple were dentists (along with their sister) were pillars of the community, i heard a friend of their on democracy now!

sometimes i really dont understand humanity.


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