Meme: #WhereIsBae

As I approach this mid 20s portion of my life, I lament: Why am I still single? Why have I been single? Will I meet #Bae in graduate school? I get #Lonely too – Drake. So #WhereIsBae ????

Then the doubt floods in:
will is stay single forever? Am I one of “those” types?
I want someone who “gets” me– is that too much to ask?
Where do I meet people in order to get to “know” them? Online dating works for some people. Do I need to keep approaching random ppl in public and asking them out.

Then comes the reassurance:

Don’t worry! You will meet someone soon enough. Someone that “gets” you.
It’s all about similar wavelengths girl.
You got it! Don’t worry.
Guys mature at different rate than girls so you know wait it out and you’ll see.

Either way — nothing is promised and prudent way to deduce anxiety and the paranoia of being “alone”. That’s what lead to me “Searching 4 Bae” as a way to illustrate possible places/spaces that I have not looked but ought to surveil “4 BAE”…









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