#Meme: Colorism

Its strange to think Colorism, discrimation and preference of one skin color over others, still exists. Thought it was outmoded as was the history of colonialism, placed at the periphery of the past. But where a pedigree for race and sex isms remains, rests colorism. 

These biases carry over to our online representations specifically the net culture of making and sharing memes. Memes are a combination of image and text that humorously and a lot of times sarcastically on a situation where it’s in happenstance, political or fictional. The community of meme-makers atleast consists of individuals who would consider themselves net-contemporaries (particularly for meme culture, teenagers to mid 20s) where socio-cultural attitudes permeate. Hastags that index ostensible social attitudes with tags like #DarkSkinsBeLike #LightSkinsBeLike. 

My sister being in high school t


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