Meme: Redneck memes

I’ve been musing about Internet, race and identity, the intersection of those three categories is fascinating because it lets other users view directly into the minds of a user(s). For it is in there psychological prespective, that cultural (racial, gendered and individual prespective) biases lie and are actively illustrated via the image and text combination of the meme. 

 It would be easy for me to critique to the blind patriotism and nationalism of this Meme-stragram. Easy to point out the fallacy of the outlook of these “Eagles” and state that they were bigoted strata of the American populace– it is acutally harder to say that (unless this is a joke-diagram) these creator(s) and those who subsribe to these Memes actually exist out there IRL, breathe, eat and sleep and are fellow human beings. They are people immensely proud of where they are from but it they way this pride becomes a shroud of militiant acceptance and condones all policies of the state is what is disturbing. 

Perhaps they are former veterans, perhaps they are a high suppressed strata of the population. Through an analytic approach to the comments section of Redneck memes Instagram i would learn more about who follows this instagram besiders curious onlookers like myself. 

 (in this case it is the creator/ creators of redneck memes


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