The Possibility of ‘If’ or The Desire for Space Travel

All Dressed Up For Mars and Nowhere To Go

>> Mars One Insider Quits Dangerously Flawed Project

‘Mars One’ finalist breaks silence, claims organization is a total scam

Video: If I die on Mars | Guardian Docs

Video: These People will Live On Mars – Colonization of Mars

We dream of the future — more so we dream of a space where the continuation of human kind exists with proper care and optimal expertise. Here I am referring to a technocratic utopia where there are no calamities just momentary strife.

When I first heard about the mission trip to Mars on Medium I was amazed that technology has finally pushed us into this venture, It was as if all the sci-fi tech futurist fantasies were finally coming true. But then as with most fantasies, the dart, the incision that shatters any idealized realities.

When the article listed Mars One mission as being a total scam where those featured in the previous article were highlighted because the amount of money they gave towards the foundation. Obviously this gives vindication for those who already distrust science further evidence to continue to do so but also warrants further questions about the strcuture of the “scam”.

Seems as thought those we were featured in the press material were already aware of its illusary promises but what does this ploy offer them besides their momentary view at the edge of fame precipice? What did this whole strategem even accomplish? It was a brief dupe that helped garner more donations.

But the possibility of travel has been lost, with mistrust sewn deep dashing the possiblity of



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