April 25th Readings: on identity and structural racism / responding to fucked up histories/ intra-politics/ indicators of the future and futurisms


on identity and structural racism –

[NY Times] Missing Black Men

[The Nation] Function of Black Rage

[Atlantic] The New Enemy Within

browse [Wordpress] Greased Cartridge – assorted articles on the politics of being Muslim

on responding to fucked up histories –

[L.A. Review of Books] Review: Back to the Next Great Recession

[Jadaliyya] New Texts Out Now: Vijay Prashad Letters to Palestine

[Color Lines.com] How to fight the Deadly Caste System

[Armenian Rroject 2015] Arab and Amazig Human Rights Organizations Call On Turkey to Recognise Armenian Genocide

a radical figure that did respond – [Yes Magazine] The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller

on intra-politics:

[Indian Express] The Vizag Line

[Roundtable India] Beyond the Fairy Tales of India

on indicators of the future and futurisms:

[NY Mag] Trans-Everything CEO Martine Rothblatt

[Techcrunch] An Interview with William Gibson Author of the Future

[Japan Focus] Hamish MacDonald, The Wired Seas of China, Japan, the US and Australia

on the power of images:

[New Inquiry] Smash Images from Antiquity

[Soundcloud] Platform: Grime and the U.S.A. Roundtable Discussion – discussion on grime in relation to the U.S.

[Soundcloud] Radar Radio LDN: BBC AZN Network, 23rd January 2015 – music from underground british DJs

[Vimeo] Deeplab Documentary – Cyberfeminist congress of researchers, organized by STUDIO Fellow Addie Wagenknecht to examine how the themes of privacy, security, surveillance, anonymity, and large-scale data aggregation are problematized in the arts, culture and society.
[Vimeo] Planet Under Pressure –  Moth Collective focuses on  the serious impacts on water, energy, and food security that threathen climate security and therefore, advise an integrated ‘nexus approach’  to manage shared resources and achieve truly sustainable development.  


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