Too desi

what does describing someone or something as too desi mean

For this I wil unpack what the words in of them self consists of.

 Simply out too mean in this contex an excess

Because thd word desi is descriptor as an adjective

It is used as a complaint

When they are put together they affectively illustrate the persons (concious and unconscious) biases and all the sterotypes and archetypes surrounding this term 

I was first introduced to the idea of too desi by a self hating desi at an Indian American education center 

In coversatoon he asked where I lived I mentioned the area I lived and he said ooh that place I went their once its is soo desi its crawling w them (or something to that effect) 

This exchange dictates that calling something pejoratively by its nationality or race is a few different things: xenophobic self hatred and perhaps guilders as l a concern for “diversity”? 
What do people actually mean when they say somethings “too desi” ?

Next time this phrase was used was when I was on minder (Muslim dating app where desi are well represented) 

I e met this person and started texting about places we wanted to live. I mentioned a city (in Europe) and he said oh that place it’s “too desi”

is it a statement of diversity or the lack their of ? 

Is it internalized self hate? 

It is about class and immigration (recently immigrated vs born n raised, or lower vs middle class) ? 

for this example I will use yt PPl because they represent a majority in America

When u say something too white – it consists of critiques and sterotypes wielded against that group depending on the context yt PPl like most groups have trends but are not a homogenous group in America 

So then is called something too ____ is putting the object or person that phrase is aimed at into a simplicitist because being (a race) like people’s notion of reality r experienced very different (though are shared commonalities) 

When I pressed on to the second person of this particularity

He said ooh I just mean there are too many desis in that city

But that’s the issue here. If u go into a a place where once group of people are well represented over another you don’t necesarroly call it “too” u say oh yeah lots of _ ppl where there. U don’t say it was too because of the excess it implies Bc it’s autodictates a negative connotation. Therefore the action which is definitely a cultural actions reaffirms white supremacy and way of being because it shows that too desi is in excess. You are being Too desi in a white culture. 

Second tier of xenophobic self hatred what do u mean by too desi when u r desi yourself. Are you afraid the much sterotyped Auntey will catch u doing something that u shouldn’t be doing is it a cultural paranoi of being grouped up into a unit. If so then this paranoi propels a neoliberal wing – at the fear of self being grouped up the rest of the unit is aniAilated 


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