linx 12/15

“Nothing to Lose but our Fear”
Fiona Jeffries in conversation with Silvia Federici and David Harvey

The Neoliberal Green Space | Jacobin


Marshall McLuhan and Vilém Flusser

Portrait of a Coterie

The Cultural 
Revolution and 
the Origins of 
China’s New Class 

Nothing Remains Unchanged but the Clouds

aloiso wilmoth

Sexual Equality & Socialism | Dissent Magazine

Cross-Border Operations

What emoji are

The Lenny Interview: Kimberly Drew, aka @MuseumMammy​​


‘Black W/Holes: A History of Brief Time,’ part 1 of 2

Ego Death Chopped & Screwed

The Anxieties of Big Data

Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It

Digital Publics

Anonymous are now ‘rickrolling’ Isis

Inside the surreal world of the Islamic State’s propaganda machine

How ISIS Got Its Flag

Towards a Black Muslim Ontology of Resistance

Total Badass Goes On Fox News In Patriotic Hijab



Let Me Tell You About My Mosque

a NO BORDERS manifesto (2012)

Cairo landscapes: a battle over history

Antony Loewenstein explores disaster capitalism

The disastrous outsourcing of immigrant housing in the UK

Judith Butler: Precariousness and Grievability—When Is Life Grievable?

Tomgram: Nick Turse, America’s Empire of African Bases

Imagining the “Other”

Canada’s Waterless Communities: Shoal Lake 40


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